Photos of our garden

May 2005 ©Janet Allen
May 2005

This photo was taken from the roof, looking down on the garden. This shows most of our edible garden area except for the blueberries, which are out of the photo from the bottom left.

The tree at the middle left is the pear tree, which is over the three-bin composter.

The row of taller green plants are the raspberries.

June 11, 2010(Enlarge) ©Janet Allen
June 11, 2010

This is part of our edible garden, taken on June 10, 2010. (Some of the plants on the bottom right are part of our meadow.)

July 07, 2011(Enlarge) ©Janet Allen
July 07, 2011

The enlarged photo shows a wider area.

The garden is still quite productive at this stage.

Oct 10, 2010(Enlarge) ©Janet Allen
Oct 10, 2010

Cutting down and discarding the raspberry stalks.

(The tall grass tied up is switchgrass in our meadow.)

Oct 22, 2010(Enlarge) ©Janet Allen
Oct 22, 2010

The kale and collards are still going strong, and the fall crop of peas is almost there, but not quite. As usual, we waited a little too long to plant that second crop.