Our related activities

Habitat garden ©Janet AllenOur habitat garden includes these milkweeds for monarchs

More than ten years ago, we realized that our land could and should provide habitat for wildlife, especially for birds, butterflies, and toads. Later, we realized that bees, other pollinators, and in fact all insects are important, too.

We've worked hard to provide habitat for all these creatures that make the world go 'round. Our habitat garden is described in Our Habitat Garden.

We also started a local group to learn more about habitat gardening, and this group later became a chapter of Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes.

Clothesline ©Janet Allen Saving a lot of energy by line drying clothes

More generally, we've become increasingly interested in inventing a sustainable lifestyle, that is also satisfying—a green "good life". We're going to be creating a website about our progress.

In fact, our edible garden and our habitat garden are really just a subset of our whole lifestyle—very important parts, but really just parts of the whole.

This clothesline is a good symbol for our lifestyle since by drying clothes on the line, we save an enormous amount of energy, BUT we also not only have the pleasure of hanging clothes out in the cool morning air, serenaded by birds, but we also get to enjoy the glorious fragrance of clothes dried in the sun.

Inventing a sustainable lifestyle that is also satisfying and then working with others on this project is the most important thing we can be doing at this stage in history and as a personal legacy to our children and grandchildren.