Storing foods

Potatoes ©Janet AllenDrying potatoes

It's important to dry vegetables such as potatoes before storing them.

Drying garlic ©Janet AllenDrying garlic

Garlic is another vegetable that must be properly cured and dried before storing. Properly cured, garlic will last quite a while, though not the entire year. Once they start sprouting, we peel them and freeze the cloves.

Squash ©Janet Allen Squash

We don't have enough space to grow winter squash, so we buy bushels and bushels from local farmers at the Regional Market.

We store them in cardboard boxes on the attic stairs and in the vestibule, i.e. in cool, but not freezing locations.

They last for a long time, but around January or February, some begin to deteriorate. At that point, we cook them and freeze them. By that time, we've created some space in the freezer, so it works out well.