Parsnip ©Janet AllenHarvesting a nice, straight parsnip

We have tried growing parsnips, but it has not been one of our regular crops.

Our soil, while very nice, tends to have small stones in it that have broken off the shale that underlies our property. Root crops, especially carrots and parsnips don't grow nice and straight. I have sometimes tried to prepare the soil specially for these root crops as shown below.

Preparing the soil

Sifting soil ©Janet AllenSifting the soil to eliminate stones

Even preparing the soil like this didn't guarantee nice straight carrots or parsnips.

Multiple-rooted parsnip ©Janet AllenA parsnip with multiple roots

This is what we were trying to avoid! Evidently the growing tip hit one or more stones and split into many directions.

We have purchased parsnip seeds again, and we plan to prepare an area by removing 10 to 12 inches of soil and filling it with sifted compost.

Harvest record

YR LB Notes
14 0
13 2 These were harvested from what had overwintered from previous year