Peas ©Janet Allen A fall crop of peas

Peas are a cool season vegetable, so we can have a spring crop and a fall crop.

We often start the fall crop too late, though, and miss out on much of the harvest.

We prefer the sugar snap type, where you eat the entire pod after the peas mature inside (not the snow pea type).

pea trellis ©Janet AllenOne type of pea trellis

We have experimented with different ways to support peas. (We've also used this contraption for pole beans.)

Peas falling over ©Janet AllenPeas falling over

We haven't been totally successful with peas, partly because we never seem to plant the seeds thickly enough.

As Jim Crockett of Crockett's Victory Garden used to say, "If you're stingy with peas, they'll be stingy with you."

They've been somewhat stingy with us.

Harvest record

YR LB Notes
14 1
13 3 We only grew them in the spring this year
12 2
11 2
10 4
09 4