Eggplant ©Janet AllenEggplants with flea beetle damage

We love eggplants, but we've had a difficult time growing them in any quantity. One of the problems has been flea beetles.

We have not tried to grow eggplants for several years but decided to try again this year.

Eggplant seedlings ©Janet Allen
Eggplant seedlings 5 weeks old

We started seeds on March 21st and this is what they look like five weeks later.

We plan to cover the soil where they will be transplanted with black plastic in another month and then transplant the seedlings through slices in the plastic some time in early June. We plan to also cover the area with row cover material to increase the warmth a little and to try to keep flea beetles off the plants. As they grow we will tie the plants to short stakes to keep the growing fruit off the soil.

Eggplant ©Janet Allen
Young eggplant plants

If we have a hot summer we may get some eggplants to eat.

Eggplant harvest ©Janet Allen
Entire eggplant harvest

This is the whole harvest, which might look moderately impressive…until you know that each one is only about four inches long!

Harvest record

YR LB Notes
12 2 An unsuccessful attempt to grow them again