Currants ©Janet Allen
Beautiful currants

We've recently planted currants (and also gooseberries) since they have recently been made legal. For many years they had been illegal because they hosted white pine blister virus.

NOTE: Other than coincidentally having the same name, these currants have no relationship to the dried Zante currants, similar to raisins, found in boxes at the grocery store. Like raisins, they're dried grapes, just a different kind of grape than the one that becomes raisins.

Berries developing ©Janet Allen
Berries developing

We have different varieties of currants, this red variety is Rovada (near the composter), and we have a pink variety called 'Pink Champagne' (near the elderberry).

Here the green flowers are developing into berries.

Currant bush(Enlarge) ©Janet Allen
Currant bush

The bushes are loaded with buds and therefore, fruit. We're developing techniques to get the berries off what are called the "strigs."

We enjoyed the delicate flavor of the currants and the beautiful color when we made them into jam, sauce, and pie.

Harvest record

YR LB Notes
14 4
13 10 The plants are established and producing well; we make jam and sauce
12 3
11 4
10 5
09 1