Gooseberries ©Janet AllenGooseberries

We've recently planted gooseberries (and currants) since they have recently been made legal after many years of being illegal because they hosted white pine blister virus.

We're growing Invicta (in front of the pear tree) and two Hinnonmaki Red (one near the currant and one near the blueberries) varieties.

Gooseberry thorns ©Janet Allen
Gooseberry bushes are thorny

A plus is that they can grow in partial shade, so it gives us some options that we wouldn't have for most fruits.

BUT, the bushes are very thorny, so we keep these out of the way so we don't brush up against them.

Harvest record

YR LB Notes
14 0
13 3 Sweeter than currants; nice for jam
12 1