Our organic gardening practices

Our soil ©Janet AllenOur beautiful soil

We've become organic gardeners over the years. We had always focused on compost, but in the beginning, we also took the advice of so many gardening books and treated pests with this insecticide or that one.

About twenty years ago, we realized that not only were these pesticides not something we want on our food, but—equally important—that they just weren't necessary!

Life in the soil ©Janet Allen
Now we focus on a healthy soil food web

Now our gardening practices focus on the health of the soil and sustainable, earth-friendly practices.

Our gardening practices

Some of our lettuce ©Janet Allen
We grow not just beautiful, but also nutritious vegetables such as these red lettuces

Here are some of our gardening practices described in this section:

Pears ©Janet Allen
We also grow quite a few fruits, such as these pears