Beets ©Janet AllenBeets

We've been pretty successful with beets. They don't seem to have problem with stones in the soil. (And we love making Beet-Carrot Ginger soup!)

Of course, the green tops can be used as well, though it's best to buy varieties that are especially good for that. We haven't often picked the beet greens, preferring instead to let the leaves make food for the beets themselves.

Protecting newly-separated beet seedlings ©Janet AllenProtecting newly separated and transplanted seedlings from the sun

More than one beet sprouts from each seed, so they must be separated. Beets should be about 4 inches apart to give the roots space to develop. We often use our stacking plastic yard tables to protect the transplants from the sun until they're established

(We bought about six of these tables many years ago, and they've come in handy, not just for gardening, but as tables we can move around to put next to chairs. Now, however, we'd probably think twice about buying so much plastic.)

Harvest record

YR LB Notes
14 16
13 7 We'd have more, but something's eating them—probably rabbits
12 4
11 9
10 7