Welcome to our organic edible garden

We've had a garden throughout our lives, organic for the last 15 years or so.

We've enjoyed the fresh, delicious produce, and we've appreciated saving some money.

Even more important, when we had children at home, we were able to provide at least some fruits and vegetables that were so delicious they couldn't resist eating these healthy foods.

Besides, it was fun to plant seeds and watch them grow.

Only in the last few years, though, have we come to understand our garden's even greater importance.

Using at least some of our land to grow our own food provides many environmental benefits, helps preserve and create our local foodshed, and helps create a resilient community.

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In addition to this website, John sometimes gives presentations at local Central New York libraries on various gardening topics. A listing of upcoming presentations will be available in March at egcny.org.

Besides having delicious, healthy, organic produce for our meals, we've also saved a considerable amount of money. We don't have the "$64 tomato" kind of garden since we aren't buying a lot of fancy equipment or chemicals.

We've carefully kept track of the pounds of produce we've harvested each year (at least for the last few years), and from that we can (very) roughly guess our savings. (In the future we'll keep track of prices in the grocery store.)

Here are our totals of fruits and vegetables:

  • 2014: 554 pounds - about $1350?
  • 2013: 607 pounds - about $1500?
  • 2012: 371 pounds - about $925?
  • 2011: 531 pounds - about $1325?
  • 2010: 653 pounds - about $1625?
  • 2009: 360 pounds - about $900?

We hope the experiences and information we share in this website will inspire you to create your own edible garden and help you make it productive.